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Would you like to know a very simple technique any bowler can use that can help you prepare for your first 300 game? Did you notice I wrote first 300 game? What you are going to learn is something that will help you in league play as well as in tournament play. You are going to learn how to create your own customized "Preshot Success Routine".

If you ever watch professional athletes, they have discovered a success routine that has worked very well for them and has brought them to the professional ranks. The next time you watch your favorite bowlers on Tour, pay close attention to their Preshot Success Routine. I'm not asking you to copy exactly what they are doing, but to just observe how consistent they are when they use their routine.

Right now I want you to imagine what your present preshot routine is and how well it is working for you. Let's start with when you are walking up to the approach and picking up your ball. Do you use a towel? Do you put your hand over the blower to remove any sweat? How do you hold onto the ball once you step up onto the approach? Where are your feet positioned? What are you focusing on just before you take your first step?

There are more variables to your routine but at least you have a good idea where to start. Make sure you create your own personal Preshot Success Routine you feel comfortable with and you canuse each time no matter if its for a strike or spare. Consistency is the secret toyour Preshot Success Routine. You must commit to it no matter how you are feeling.

When I worked with Collegiate Bowlers, we would go into detail what their routine looked like because we were building a solid foundation that was reliable and consistent. Why is it so important to have a Preshot Success Routine? You need this so you don't have to think about it when you step up to the approach. Your routine must become a habit so you can really focus on your target. Think about when you are driving a car now compared to when you first began learning how to drive. So many things you do now when you drive are just automatic. This is what we are striving for - an automatic routine. A Preshot Success Routine you really don't have to think about.

Remember this is your own Preshot Success Routine, not anyone elses. Create one that fits you and one that you feel comfortable with using on every shot. Did you know it takes 21 consecutive days to form a new habit? You need to commit to make your Preshot Success Routine a habit. Once you do, then you are on your way to your first of several 300 games. When it comes down to the last three frames, your routine is what can bring you through your first perfect game.
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Uso do capelo não faz tombar os cabelos, porém pode, em pequeno número de pessoas que não tiram capelo da
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